Grounds Use Permit Coordination

  • Facilities and Grounds Use Policy
  • Each applicant for an event on campus must complete a grounds use permit form. University academic or administrative departments should submit the Grounds Use Permit form to Facilities and Grounds.  You may contact Facilities and Grounds at 348-6777 if you need assistance. Student Organizations wishing to complete an online Student Event Planning form for coordination should visit the site  For questions, contact Lacy Sellars or Rosalind Moore in The Office of Student Involvement:; 205-348-6114.
  • All departments, groups and student organizations are required to take the UA Child Protection Course prior to holding an event that includes children (ages 0-17).  For information, please call Human Resources at 348-9700.  A copy of the completed Training Certificate must accompany your Grounds Use Permits Request in order to gain approval for an event.
  • All groups using any campus grounds are subject to and must agree to the General Terms and Conditions for Grounds Use.
  • In some cases, a group using campus grounds is required to provide evidence of insurance.  To determine whether this requirement applies to you, see the Facility and Grounds Use Insurance Requirements
  • Frequently Asked Questions concerning Grounds Use and Grounds Use Permits
  • The University of Alabama Facilities and Grounds Tree Care and Maintenance Policy states:  Having healthy trees is a top priority to keep our campus beautiful. Misuse of any and all trees is prohibited.  Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to climbing, use of ropes, wire, hammocks, slack lines, zip lines, nails tape and signage, etc.  All these issues cause stress, scarring and, often broken branches, which can lead to disease and death of an otherwise healthy tree and therefore is prohibited.
    Tree Protection Policy
  • Vehicles are not allowed on 6th or 9th Avenues and are never allowed on the Quad.
  • Grounds Use Permits should detail the location of the planned event. Below are links to two different (and printable) PDF maps to help you describe the location on you request. One map is for Quad events and the other is for other locations on campus.
  • Listing of approved caterers
  • For correspondence concerning Grounds Use permits, please email or call 348-6777.

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