The thoughtful and heartfelt responses that were received, both from the open forums and written messages, provided many excellent ideas and were responsible for the revised plan. The story will be told, for the most part, at the circular focal point of the plaza. A forty foot tall brick clock tower, with open arches, will be the symbolic feature and through a series of large bronze plaques, at its base, tell of Autherine Lucy Foster, Vivian Malone Jones, James Hood and the courageous changes they made at the Capstone. The plaques will bear the likenesses of those heroes. The plaza will be named for Vivian Malone and James Hood and the clock tower will be named for Autherine Lucy.

We feel the plaza design will create a memorable experience for all who visit and forever symbolize the University we are today because of the events of that day and the courage of the individuals instrumental in our journey.

The illustrations that follow show how the comments received were used to craft the revised plan. Please continue to submit your thoughts and ideas regarding the design of the memorial plaques located at the base of the Autherine Lucy Clock Tower to

Foster Tower Rendering
UA Touching Lives